Culinary School


The education provider

Helsinki Culinary School Perho is a pioneer in vocational skills in Finland and a vocational education institution renowned for its high quality operations in Europe.  The operations of the Helsinki Culinary School Perho are based on the values of partnership, sense of community and responsibility.

Helsinki Culinary School offers a vocational qualification in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry (120 credits). The teaching restaurant Perho, situated on the Mechelininkatu street, offers an on-the-job learning placement for the students of Helsinki Culinary School Perho. The students do on-the-job learning also in many other Finnish and European restaurants and hotels.  Helsinki Culinary School Perho enjoys good international co-operative networks. Helsinki Culinary School Perho is a part of the Haaga Group.

Certified quality and feedback

The Perho Quality model for operations ensures that the results of our operations maintain their high quality and keep growing in a positive direction. Through our joint efforts, we have achieved the Southern Finland Province Governor’s Quality Prize in 1999 and two quality prizes awarded by the Ministry of Education in 2001 and 2004. The Finnish Gastronomic Society awarded us with a recognition for pioneering spirit in 2010.

In developing our operations we use feedback gathered from our students, staff and co-operative partners. Our skilled staff is the reason behind Perho’s success. Perho has 63 permanent teachers and other supporting staff. There are 490 students.

A new education alliance in the metropolitan area

Three private vocational education providers signed a contract on a strategic alliance on 14 December 2011. The alliance improves the competitiveness and quality of service of the participants, particularly in the metropolitan area.